Ruud Noys
9781909798793 – Active Distribution – 2022 – 52 páginas /orri.

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Culture is a necessary element of any social movement, and should be taken with utmost seriousness by anarchist activists -and this includes music. This book lays out an evaluative approach through which the relationships between anarchism and music, and culture more widely, can be explored. This is not a list of musics that somehow qualify as ‘anarchist’, but rather considers how it might be possible to think about the question: «What is Anarchist Music?» It is argued that production processes are more fruitful avenue of evaluation than aesthetics and lyrics, but DIY cultural production values can be subsumed under neo-liberal logics. As a bulwark against co-optation and recuperation, an oppositional counter-cultural consciouness is a necessary aspect for any radical culture, which finds expression within the anarchist movement through ‘cultures of resistance’.