THE ANGRY BRIGADE 1967-1984 Documents and Chronology


The Angry Brigade
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Angry Brigade, Documents and Chronology shows some extent of the armed struggle that was carried out in Britain in the late sixties and early seventies, reproposing the validity of armed attack against capital in all its forms.

«By their actions the Angry Brigade also became a part of that spectacle, but a part that took form in order to contribute to its destruction. Their actions as presented here find a place therefore not as some old commodity to be taken out and dusted, then put back on the shelf like a relic that belongs to the past. The work they carried out —and which five libertarians paid for in heavy prison sentences— is a contribution to the ongoing struggle which is changing form as the strategies of capital change in order for it to restructure and preserve itself. A critical evaluation of the Angry Brigade must therefore take place elsewhere than on the sterile pages of this pamphlet. It must take place in the active considerations of a movement that has a task to fulfil, and that does not take heed of the condemnation and defamation by those whose ultimate aim is to protect themselves. Many problems are raised by a rereading of the actions and experiences of the Angry Brigade —clandestinity or not, symbolic action or direct attack, anonymous actions or the use of communiques to be transmitted by the media— to name but a few. The pages that follow help to highlight these questions, whose solution will only be found in the concrete field of the struggle.»
—Jean Weir

Foreword by Jean Weir